I will be shipping to a reserve and require a GST exemption. What do I do?

Complete the order process and select “Cheque payments” at checkout. Include an Order note that you will be applying for an exemption. This will get all your details in our system.

Note that if you create an account during checkout (tick box under the Email address field), you will be able to log in to your account at any time to view your order, and later pay by credit card.

Email store@hellocoolworld.com to provide a copy of your supporting documentation. Quote your order number in the email. (Or mail a photocopy to our address if you prefer.)

We will update your order and email you the new details. If you created an account, you will be able to pay be credit card. Otherwise, please send payment to:

Hello Cool World
531 Carrall St – 2nd floor,
Vancouver BC Canada V6B 5K2

I require a purchase order. How do I proceed?

You can still go through the store system to put in your order details, and then select “Cheque payments” at checkout to log the order without paying. Create a customer account (tick box under the Email address field during checkout), and leave an order note about how you intend to pay.

You will be sent an email with an order number, and your order will be on hold until payment is received. You can then use the order number as your purchase order invoice, or contact us for more assistance.

Can I use the Educational DVD for a community screening?

The license for the educational DVD is restricted and limited to classroom usage and learning purposes only. To coordinate a community screening, fill out a request form. Our partner, Criterion Subscriptions, will get back to you within two weeks to go over the costs and logistics of organizing the screening.

Will the Educational DVD and materials be in French?

We are currently working on the French version of the Educational DVD, as well as the e-learning modules.

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